Extreme Sudoku Trilogy
by Antoine Alary

Extreme Sudoku cover
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Extreme Sudoku
Extreme Sudoku
Even More
Extreme Sudoku

Each book is a collection of 200 of the toughest Sudoku puzzles known to man.

(With their solutions.)

Each one of these books contains a selection of 200 extremely challenging Sudoku puzzles.
  This trilogy is certain to keep you interested for hours.

"The perfect gift for your favorite Sudoku lover."

Take a peek inside the first book.
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first two puzzles
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The Sudoku puzzles in these books are amongst the hardest, toughest and most difficult, advanced Sudoku puzzles published in any Sudoku book available. You will not find puzzles as challenging as these in ordinary Sudoku books or in newspapers such as the New-York Times, the NY Post or the Daily Telegraph. Even advanced Sudoku books claiming to contain hard, very hard, killer, devilish or fiendish Sudoku puzzles are often child's play compared to the truly Extreme Sudoku puzzles found in this trilogy.

To solve these Extreme Sudoku puzzles you will need to make use of a variety advanced Sudoku resolution techniques, sometimes in combination, for the most difficult puzzles.

As the use of pencil-marks is required for most of the more advanced Sudoku resolution techniques, pencil-marks are pre-computed and printed in half of the grids in these book, for your convenience.

The techniques or strategies that you might need to use to solve the puzzles in the Extreme Sudoku trilogy books include the following:

  • Naked Single
  • Naked Pair
  • Naked Triplet
  • Hidden Single
  • Hidden Pair
  • Hidden Triplet
  • Claiming
  • Pointing
  • Aligned Pair Exclusion
  • Aligned Triplet Exclusion
  • Bivalue Universal Grave (BUG)
  • Naked Quad
  • Hidden Quad
  • X-wing
  • XY-Wing
  • XYZ-Wing
  • Bidirectional Cycle
  • Forcing Chains
  • Jellyfish
  • Nishio Forcing Chains
  • Swordfish
  • Turbot Fish
  • Unique Loop
  • Unique Rectangle

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